In 2003, EcoMaritime International was engaged as the environmental specialist by the Mekong River Commission (MRC) in the development of its Navigation Programme to promote freedom of navigation and increase international trade.

The Mekong is one of last major rivers of the world that has not been over-exploited and the Commission wished to draw up plans in consultation with all the stakeholders to ensure that external pressures did not result in over development but promoted trade.

This major consultancy involved preliminary research, regional consultation visits to Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia, regional workshops, committee meetings and the preparation and review of documentation.

EcoMaritime International was also able to provide appropriate information on ports, emergency and safety management systems. The final programme was approved by the Commission in December 2003 and can be viewed at their website: http://www.mrcmekong.org/programmes/programme.htm

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