Navigation Hazards

Port Phillip Entry Restricted

Signal shown at Point Lonsdale Signal Station

Flashing Green Light Entrance closed to all inward vessels, to allow the departure of an outward tanker or hampered vessel.

Flashing Red Light Entrance closed to all outward traffic to allow the entry of an arriving tanker or hampered vessel.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions may affect sea levels and tidal flows in Port Phillip. In particular please note comment under "Non tidal changes to sea level and tidal streams" on Chart AUS 158.

Marine Farms

Marine farms, which may be floating or fixed structures, and their associated moorings should be avoided. The farms are generally marked by buoys or beacons which may be lit. Their charted positions are approximate.

Gas Pipeline

Gas Pipelines contain flammable gas under high pressure.

Any ship damaging the pipeline would face an immediate fire hazard.

Anchoring or trawling in the vicinity of the pipeline is prohibited.

Precautionary Area

When entering, transiting or leaving the precautionary area, vessels at all times should keep to the eastward when inward bound and westward when outward bound.

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