Entrance Depths

Vessels with a draught of 11.6m can be navigated through the Heads and South Channel at all stages of the tide.

Vessels with a maximum draft of 12.1 metres may be navigated when the tide is sufficient to provide a manoeuvrability margin of 0.9m (minimum under keel clearance (UKC). 1.5m).

West Channel

This channel is no longer used for commercial shipping.

The depth varies, in May 1998 there was a minimum of 4.1 metres at Chart Datum, plus tide. Non-commercial vessels can be navigated allowing 0.6 metres UKC depending on draft and tide at the time.


Main channels dredged to 13.1 metres.


The channel depth is 12.3 metres at Chart Datum: Vessels over 10.8 metres draft are navigated depending on tide rise, to maintain a manoeuvrability margin of 0.9 metres (minimum UKC is 1.5 metres) at all stages of the channel.

The maximum draught is 11.6 metres. Some night restrictions exist.


Channel depth is 14.6 metres at chart datum up to No 31 buoy then 9.1 metres to the Steel Berths.

Vessels must maintain 10% underkeel clearance at all times.

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