EcoMaritime worked with the implementation team of the Port Kembla Port Operations Quality system under ISO 9002. This management system was successfully developed and implemented at Port Kembla Port Corporation in 1997 and has operated well since that time. Regular reviews of the system, sometimes using external auditors ensured that currency of the system and the achievement of zero non-conformances during my tenure with that organisation.

Similarly, EcoMaritime managed the development of auditing of the Port Kembla Port Corporation's environmental management system both internally and externally over the past eight years.

Extensive experience as environmental auditor was gained through the management of three external environmental audits as well as six internal audits for the Port Kembla Port Corporation. Port Kembla Port Corporation's environmental management plan was merged into the port's quality management system so that all of Port Kembla's harbour operations and safety systems work together.

Port Kembla Port Corporation now uses a modified version of the Global Environmental Management Initiative as a method of auditing its operations providing management with a system that allows comparisons year on year of the port's environmental management

EcoMaritime's familiarity with these systems allows us to make recommendations of audit management systems for ports or with environmental management systems.

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